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Alpha BioSystems Announces Licensing Agreement with Howard Garrett, the Dirt Doctor

Wichita, KS Dec 15, 2008 Alpha BioSystems (ABS) announced today that an agreement has been reached with The Dirt Doctor to recommend and endorse the entire line of all natural products being introduced for Spring 2009 at retail stores nationwide.  ABS manufactures a proprietary blend of all natural microbial products that enhance the growth of plants, clean up pet odors and clear ponds large and small naturally without the use of chemicals.  The products include: Tomato Bio S.I., Flower Bio S.I., Vegetable Bio S.I., New Plant Bio S.I., Turf Bio S.I., Liquid Thatch Remover, Tree & Shrub Bio S.I., Compost Bio S.I., Clean Pet Bio S.I. and Aqua-One.

The products were introduced in August of this year at the Independent Garden Center Show in Chicago and will be marketed exclusively through Distributors and Independent Retail Stores nationwide.

Howard Garrett is a landscape architect, arborist, author of 14 books, Dallas Morning News columnist and nationally syndicated talk show host. He has extensive experience in landscape architecture, greenhouse growing, golf course planning and maintenance and organic product development.  Howard has devoted his life establishing a leadership role in the natural organic marketplace.  Howard is also Chairman of the Texas Organic Research Center (TORC), a not-for-profit corporation, with the mission of organic research and education.

I am delighted to be associated with Alpha BioSystems.  Their laboratory facilities, research work and product quality are exceptional.  Our relationship will greatly help the conversion of the world to organics.  Howard Garrett


Eric Borland
Alpha BioSystems, Inc.
9912 W York St.
Wichita, KS  67215
Phone: 316-265-7929

For information: http://www.dirtdoctor.com or
Contact: doug@dirtdoctor.com

Phone: 214-365-0606

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