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Common Name: Borage

Botanical Name: Borago officinalis

Family: Boraginaceae

Type and Use: Annual herb with edible flowers and leaves

Location: Sun to partial shade

Planting Dates: Spring after the last frost

Planting Method: Seed and transplants

Seed Emergence: 10-14 days

Harvest Time: Any time during the growing season

Height: 24-36 inches

Spread: 18-30 inches

Final Spacing: 18 inches

Growth Habits: Fast-growing, fuzzy-leafed herb that can get a little messy looking unless cut back from time to time to maintain compactness.

Culture: Needs healthy soil with good drainage. Use a basic organic program and spray occasionally with Garrett Juice.

Troubles and Solutions: Grasshoppers occasionally attack the foliage. Control them with hot pepper products, all-purpose flour, and beneficial fungi products.

Harvest and Storage: Cut and use the flowers and foliage any time. Leaves are best when young and tender. Flowers can be candied or frozen into ice cubes.

Notes: The foliage can be used for vinegar, drinks, teas, and salads to add a cucumber flavor.

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