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Button Bush

Cephalanthus occidentalis       
sef-ah-LAN-thus ox-eh-DEN-tal-is              

     Ht. 10-12 Spread 10-12          
     Deciduous Sun / Part Shade
     Spacing: 6-8

HABIT:   White or pale pink summer flowers in 1-2 globes. Fruit in heavy brown clusters.

CULTURE:   Bush or small tree with round, fragrant pale pink to white flowers that bloom all summer in the sun, off and on in the shade. Will grow in wet soil and even in shallow water.

USES:   Attracts bees, butterflies, and waterfowl.

PROBLEMS:    Few other than hard to find in the nursery trade.

OTHER INFORMATION:  Native Americans used buttonbush for a number of medicinal purposes.  The root and bark were used to treat eye disorders, the bark was chewed to relieve toothaches and was boiled and used to treat headaches, dysentary, fevers, and stomaches.


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