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Diospyros virginiana                   (dye-OS-pear-us ver-gin-ee-AN-uh)        

Deciduous        Sun                  Height 60 feet      Spread 30 feet                 Spacing 20 - 40 feet


HABIT:  Yellow fall color; dark, deeply fissured bark. Shiny foliage that gracefully droops. 1 inch orange fruit matures after first frost.

CULTURE:        Easy, any soil, drought tolerant.

USES:              Shade tree.

PROBLEMS:     Webworms, messy fruit.

NOTES:            This treeís few problems donít keep it from being an excellent shade tree. Japanese varieties are smaller plants but have large fruit the size of apples.  Wooden golf clubs were made from persimmon.  Native to Texas and the eastern USA.

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