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Evergreen Clematis

Perennial Vine for sun to Shade
Clematis  spp. 

HABIT:  Vigorous semi-evergreen climbing vine with profusion of fragrant 1Ē white flowers in the late summer. Sweet autumn clematis is Clematis paniculata  or C. maximowicziana. Native to Japan. C. x jackmanii also does well in filtered light. Scarlet clematis C. texensis is native and has small unusual red flowers. Clematis texensis (scarlet clematis) is native and has small unusual red flowers. Clematis pitcheri is the purple flowering native. Clematis armandii is the long-leafed evergreen vine that flowers in the spring.

CULTURE:  Easy to grow in any well-drained soil. Low to moderate water and light fertilizer needs. Donít prune the first year.

USES:  Climbing vine for fences, arbors, and decorative screens. Spring or late summer flower color. Good for attracting beneficial insects and improving biodiversity in general.

PROBLEMS:  Somewhat aggressive.


Sweet Autumn Clematis

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