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DAISY, FOUR-NERVE                                              Perennial Sun to Part Shade

Hymenoxys scaposa                                                 Ht. 12 Spread 6-9

hye-men-OX-iss skay-POH-sah                                  Spacing 9

HABIT:                  Solitary yellow 1-2 daisy like flowers from March to October. Small, easy to grow, native perennial with pale gray green leaves, furry or shiny bare stems. Foliage has strong, bitter fragrance when crushed. Name comes from the four veins on each flower petal.

CULTURE:            Drought tolerant and carefree.

USES:                   Rock gardens, xeriscapes.

PROBLEMS:          Too much water will rot the plant.

NOTES:                 Name comes from the four veins on each flower petal.

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