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Daisy - Engelmann


DAISY, ENGELMANN                                                                      Perennial Full Sun

Engelmannia pinnatifida                                                                    Ht. 1-3 Spread 3

eng-gull-MAHN-ee-ah pin-ah-TIFF-ih-dah                                            Spacing 2-3

HABIT:                 Yellow 1 flowers from spring to fall, mostly in May. Forms rosetteof lobbed foliage in  winter, strong taproot, blooms well with low     to  medium moisture. Flower petals curl under on the ends during extremely    hot weather. Carefree after established.

 CULTURE:            Easy to grow in almost any soil.

 USES:                   Perennial color, wildflower, livestock forage

 PROBLEMS:         Sometimes hard to establish.

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