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Dallas City Council and Mayor Contact info

The City of Dallas is currently the only city holding out on the County's proposal to aerial spray.  However, Dallas just called an emergency closed meeting today with the County to discuss aerial spraying.  It is now important to contact your Council person if you live in Dallas and and equally important to contact your Council person if you don't live in Dallas because most of the other Dallas County cities have agreed to the County's proposal for aerial spraying.

The City Council and Mayor Contact info for Dallas is:

Dallas CC fax numbers are 214-670-3409 and 214-670-5115 and 214-670-5117. Mayor         Laura Miller                        214-670-0773 fax 3409 rm 5EN   lamille@mail.ci.dallas.tx.us

District 1    Dr. Elba Garcia                    214-670-4052 fax 5115 rm 5FS

District 2    Mr. John Loza                      214-670-4048 fax 3409 rm 5EN

District 3    Mr. Mark Housewright         214-670-4199 fax 5115 rm 5FS

District 4    Ms. Maxine Thornton-Reese 214-670-0781 fax 5117 rm 5FN

District 5    Mr. Donald W. Hill               214-670-0777 fax 3409 rm 5EN

District 6    Mr. Ed Oakley                     214-670-0776 fax 5115 rm 5FS

District 7    Mr. Leo V. Chaney              214-670-4689 fax 5117 rm 5FN

District 8    Mr. James L. Fantroy           214-670-4066 fax 5117 rm 5FN

District 9    Ms. Mary Poss                     214-670-4069 fax 5117 rm 5FN

District 10   Mr. Alan Walne                   214-670-4068 fax 5115 rm 5FS

District 11   Ms. Lois Fikelman               214-670-7817 fax 5115 rm 5FS

District 12   Ms. Sandy Greyson             214-670-4067 fax 5117 rm 5FN

District 13   Mr. Mitchell Rasansky         214-670-3816 fax 5117 rm 5FN

District 14   Ms. Veletta Lill                    214-670-5415 fax 5115 rm 5FS

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