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Perennials Sun
Dianthus spp.                  Ht. 8-12 Spread 12-18
dye-AN-thus                    Spacing 9-12

HABIT:    Delicate-looking cool season flowers that come in a variety of colors ranging from reds and purples to pinks and whites. Some are annual, others perennial. Some varieties will bloom all winter if weather is not severe. A good perennial variety is D. allwoodii. Carnations, pinks, and sweet Williams are all variations of this genus.

CULTURE: Prepared and well-drained beds in full sun. Moderate water and fertilizer. Plant in late summer,  fall or late winter.

USES:  Cool-season color.

PROBLEMS:   None serious. New varieties are much more heat and cold tolerant.

Howard Garrett
Texas Gardening - The Natural Way,
The Complete Handbook

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