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Dirt Doctor How To Videos

Organic How To Videos

Dirt Doctor - Organic Overview

Get ready to make the switch to Organic gardening, as Howard Garrett, the Dirt Doctor, gives you an overview of how to get away from synthetic products and toxic chemicals and start using all-natural elements to care for your gardens and plants.

Dirt Doctor Compost Tea

Brew up a compost tea combination by incorporating ingredients that increase the life inside the mixture as the Dirt Doctor, Howard Garrett, teaches you what to include and why, so you can generate greater life in your garden, grasses and have plants that flourish.

Dirt Doctor - Flowerbed

Learn how to prepare a flower garden the natural, organic way, as Howard Garrett shows you how to plant new flowers and what mulching materials to use.
Dirt Doctor All About Herbs

Ever consider brewing a fresh cup of tea from your own garden? Learn how to make this healthy, tasty and soothing brew from Howard Garrett the Dirt Doctor. With tips on which organic herbs to pick, how to prep the leaves and even how hot to heat the water, he shares his methods of how to create the most flavorful tea possible.

Dirt Doctor Forcing Bulbs into Bloom Indoors

Keep your flowers blooming all year round in your home by using the techniques of Howard Garrett the Dirt Doctor. He will show you the organic way to make various flowers bloom faster by forcing bulbs, and this will add the gorgeous color and life you needed right inside your home.


Dirt Doctor - Pruning

There is a right way to prune your trees and bushes and Howard Garrett, the Dirt Doctor takes you through the steps so your plants can look beautiful and stay healthy.
Dirt Doctor- Preparing and Planting Trees & Plants

Find out what to look for to make sure you buy healthy trees and plants, and learn from the Dirt Doctor, Howard Garrett, proper methods of planting so they continue to grow the healthy organic way.
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Dirt Doctor- Organic Fertilizers

Learn how to fertilize the organic way for less insects, less time spent and of course a less toxic approach. The Dirt Doctor, Howard Garrett, gives you an overview of several organic options available to help you keep your plants and grass growing healthy.
Dirt Doctor Improve Your Chain Link Fence

There is a very simple way to upgrade your chain link fence. Watch as Howard Garrett, the Dirt Doctor makes an ugly, old, chain-link fence have an improved, new look.

Dirt Doctor Helping Trees Stay Healthy

There are a couple of safe and effective ways of exposing root flares to improve the health of your trees. Howard Garrett, the Dirt Doctor shows you just what to look for at the base of a tree and how to remedy a potential problem.

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