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Ilex × attenuata ‘East Palatka’    (EYE-lex ah-ten-you-AH-tah)

Evergreen         Sun to part shade     Height 15 -30 feet   Spread 10 - 15 feet      Spacing 8 - 10 feet


HABIT:  Terrific large bush or small tree. Upright, moderate growth, rather open branching. Bright red berries in winter, smooth light bark. Graceful open growth.

CULTURE:        Easy to grow in any soil except solid rock, needs good drainage. Responds very well to the organic program.

USES:              Specimen ornamental, evergreen border, small garden tree.

PROBLEMS:     Scale, mealybugs, iron deficiency (none serious).

NOTES:            Distinguished by one spine on end of leaf rather than several like ‘Savannah’ and ‘Foster.’ All are hybrids of American holly (I. opaca).


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