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ELAEAGNUS (Silverberry)                                    Evergreen – Sun / Part Shade

Elaeagnus macrophylla                                         Ht. 6’-8’ Spread 6’-8’

eel-ee-AG-nus mac-crow-FILE-ah                         Spacing 3’-4’

HABIT:   Tough, gray green plant. New growth in long shoots that arch out and down. Fragrant fall blooms hidden within the foliage. Fruit in spring is tasty and good for jellies. Native to Japan, Europe, Asia and North America.

CULTURE:      Any soil, anywhere, fairly drought tolerant. Responds well to shearing if necessary.

USES:           Border, background, screen.

PROBLEMS:  None other than its pruning requirements.

NOTES:         ‘Ebbenji’ is my favorite since it seems to be the most compact form. E. pungens is the larger growing and less desirable variety and has hidden thorns.

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