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Euonymus, Flameleaf

EUONYMUS, FLAMELEAF (Burning Bush)             Deciduous – Sun / Part Shade

Euonymus alatus                                                   Ht. 8’-15’ Spread 8’-15’

ewe-ON-eh-mus al-LAY-tus                                     Spacing 4’-8’

HABIT:   Thick, winged stems. Excellent red fall color.

CULTURE: Any soil, sun or shade. Best fall color in sun. Moderate water and fertilization requirements.

USES:   Specimen, accent, fall color. Can be trimmed into small tree.

PROBLEMS:         None serious.

NOTES:  Native to northeast Asia and China. ‘Compacta’ is the dwarf version and better for small gardens. ‘Rudy Haag’ is even smaller growing – 4’-5’ height. They can be planted 3’4’-apart.

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