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Global Warming - Note from Howard

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Subject: Why some of your listeners got so upset over "Global Warming"
Hi Howard,
I think the reason so many of your listeners got riled and wrote in about the "Global Warming" issue is that they are tired of the endless, one-sided drumbeat of the "We have to radically change human activity or the earth is doomed" partisans in the media, so that even though you yourself made no such statements, they've heard so much of that sort of thing, and so much that doesn't make sense, that they're now extremely sensitive to it and react accordingly. If a friend were to give you a friendly punch on the shoulder after telling a joke, you probably wouldn't mind, but if you'd
been punched in the shoulder multiple times every day for years, even the slightest touch, or even the possibility of a touch, on your shoulder would cause you to flinch and cry out.
Many Americans are tired of the cult-like, "only we have the truth" approach of many supporters of the idea of anthropogenic global warming, the most recent of which was a call by a top TV weather broadcaster for all meteorologists who disagreed with the "orthodox" dogma - that global warming is a imminent crisis, is caused by human activity, and that radical changes in human activity are required as the solution - to lose their AMS certifications. It is precisely this sort of "scientific McCarthyism" that has many Americans - including, I suspect,
many of your listeners - so fed up and on edge about the subject.
For a fascinating overview of the media's handling of the subject of climate change over the last 100+ years, I recommend:
For a detailed, highly-scientific analysis of the empirical data (NOT fallible, possibly partisan, human-created models of dubious accuracy), the following article is excellent:

Hope that helps.
Very best wishes,

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