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Goats for Rent

Do you have a patch of poison ivy or thorny blackberries you want to get rid of, but don't want to use poisonous weed killers?  Do you have an acre or more of fenced pasture that's too high to mow? Are you interested in organic weed control, but don't want to own livestock?  Call us! We can rent a small herd of goats for a weekend or on a weekly or monthly basis to help clear brush, weeds, or just high grass. They are friendly, cute, and will not cut your garden hose like a gas-powered mower. No request is too outlandish - just call us and ask. If you do not have proper fencing, we can bring portable temporary fences, or stake-outs. We'll check regularly on their health and water needs, so there is no liability on your part. 

A:  Here’s a weed control company that I can happily recommend.  Please call at 972-562-0583, or email  at cathyscritters@gmail.com to talk about your property.

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