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Deciduous to semi-evergreen for shade to part shade
Calyptocarpus vialis
Ht. 8-10” Spread 18-36”
Spacing: 12-15”

HABIT:  Ever blooming tiny yellow flowers. Very easy to grow in any soil. Evergreen in the southern half of the state. Freezes to the ground in the northern areas but returns each spring.

CULTURE:  Drought tolerant and pest free.

USES:  Natural ground cover. Should be used more. Looks terrific when planted with wild violets.

PROBLEMS:  Some people still consider it a weed – that’s too bad.

A listener's question:
I planted horseherb like you suggested and it was doing great, last week put corn gluton meal on it to fertilize and now it is all almost dead, was it wrong to put it on, I thought it was a fertilizer??

Howard's reply:

Although this native groundcover has very low fertility requirements, corn gluten meal shouldn't hurt it unless overused. On the other hand, you may have come up with a new broadleaf herbicide.

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