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Howard Garrett Newsletter Archives 2014

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Week 1   TORC Research

Week 2   Christmas Tree Choices

Week 3   Organic Product Choices

Week 4   Managing the Tree After Christmas


Week 1  Leaf Management Update

Week 2  Vines on Trees - a No No!

Week 3  Garrett Ginkgo Tree Newsletter 

Week 4  Thanksgiving Newsletter


Week 1   Stone and Landscape Project

Week 2   Fall Fertilization

Week 3   Olive Tree

Week 4   Products with Best Results and Value

Week 5   Avacado Newsletter



Week 1   Hydrogen Peroxide Formulas

Week 2   Ant Control

Week 3   Texas Organic Research Center

Week 4   Chlorosis in Trees - The Rest of the Story  



Week 1  Better Plant Information

Week 2  Summer Branch Drop

Week 3  Fall Vegetable Planting

Week 4  Dirt Doctor App



Week 1   Independence Day Newsletter

Week 2   Future Depends on Bees

Week 3    Organic Fly Control

Week 4    Organiphobe Heavy Metals

Week 5    Crape Myrtle Pest and a Bigger Issue



Week 1    Natural Organic Mosquito Control

Week 2    Pesticides and Diseases

Week 3    Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) – Controls Mustard Algae in Pools

Week 4    GMO’s and RoundUp Cause Super Weeds (And many more problems)



Week 1    Tomato Recommendations Newsletter

Week 2    Bamboo

Week 3    Roses in Howard's Gardens

Week 4    Horseherb Ground Cover



Week 1     Toxins Newsletter

Week 2     Hummingbird Moth - Insect or Bird?

Week 3     Steps to Raised Organic Vegetable Beds

Week 4     Bamboo Good News / Bad News



Week 1      Knock Out Roses - The Good & Bad News

Week 2      Organic Fertilizers Newsletter

Week 3      Organic Manual Benefits

Week 4      Pet Food Recommendation Newsletter

Week 5     Cut Water Use in Half



Week 1     Planting Winter Garden for Spring Production

Week 2     Still on the Radio

Week 3     RoundUp Alternatives 



Week 1      Peat Moss Use Should End

Week 2      Peat Moss Alternatives

Week 3     Organic Pecan & Fruit Tree Program Update 2014

Week 4     How to Prune Fruit & Nut Trees


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