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Hummingbird Bush



Deciduous– Sun to Part Shade

Anisacanthus quadrifidus Ht. 3’-4’ Spread 3’-4’

ah-nee-sah-CAN-thus kwah-DRIF-eh-dus Spacing: 2’-3’

HABIT: 1 ½”-2” red, orange, or yellow flowers from midsummer to frost.

CULTURE: Easy to grow in well-drained soil in sun or dappled shade. Cut back in late winter to promote full growth and heavy flowering.

USES: Summer color to attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

PROBLEMS: Possible freeze problems


Flame Acanthus  (Anisacanthus wrightii)

Small orange-flowered perennial. Tough, spreads easily, attracts hummingbirds. Is easy to grow to 4 feet in height in sun to part shade.


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