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Identify the Mutt Contest

Contest is finished. 
DNA results in -- click on the link to hear results


1st Place:      WINNER most corrrect exact guesses and earliest entry 
2 guesses of  American Eskimo & Chihuahua for Tater
and 1 Guess of Golden Retriever for Hannah Aug 3 7:31pm

Lauren Nitschke   
Dallas office and Ranch in Jefferson County, Oklahoma


2nd Place:   WINNERS two exact guesses correct for Hannah

Denise VanderHeiden, McKinney Aug 4  9:45am 
English Setter, Golden Retriever

Marigay Black, Garland TX  Aug 4  11:13pm
Irish Setter and Golden Retriever.

3rd Place: One exact guess per dog plus partial correct 3rd guess 

Darlene Berry, Allen TX  Aug 4, 5:33pm  Golden Retriever, American Eskimo, Terrier

Pam Pierce, Denton, TX  Aug 4,7:52pm  Golden Retriever, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier

Guess what breeds are in the gene pool of Hannah and Tater.

     Hannah 60 lbs  Age 6                              Tater  4lbs  Age 2 month
See slide show of Hannah                        See slide show of Tater

Here we are lying on our side to show more detail to help you guess our breeds.
 Here I am on my back showing my belly and teeth!


After losing our Tully, Judy and I couldn’t resist adopting a puppy from the SPCA.
Tater is the new guy and he is a piece of work!

Not too long ago a company came out with a testing kit that would give you the genetics of your mutt. Well, not only are we curious about Tater but also our other mutt, Hannah. 


                 Hannah getting DNA test swab.

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H A N N A H ' S    M A R K E T P L A C E

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