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Indian Currant (Coralberry)

CORALBERRY (Indian Currant)                             Deciduous Sun / Shade

Symphoricarpos orbiculatus                                  Ht. 2-3 Spread 5

sim-for-eh-CAR-pus or-bic-cue-LAY-tus                   Spacing 2-3

HABIT:                  Blue green foliage, low growing, spreads by root suckers to form a shrubby thicket. Small pink or white flowers in spring. Berries form in summer along the stem and remain with their red purple color after the leaves drop in fall. Can grow as tall as 6. Native to the Eastern USA to Texas and Mexico.

CULTURE:            Easy, any soil, drought tolerant. Cut to the ground in late winter.

USES:                  Naturalizing shrub, winter berry color. Tall groundcover.

PROBLEMS:         Mildew sometimes.

NOTES:                Too many people mow the plant down. If it exists on a site, try to save it .                                 Also called Snowberry.

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