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Jessamine, Carolina

Photo by Willard G. McAndrew III

Gelsemium sempervirens
   ( el-SEE-mee-um sem-per-VYE-rens)

Evergreen           Sun        Vine        Spacing 4°š®C8°š

HABIT:     Climbing vine that needs support to start. Profuse yellow flowers in the early spring. Will sometimes bloom during warm spells in winter°™no problem.

CULTURE:  Well-prepared soil, good drainage, moderate water and fertilizer. Top of plant sometimes needs thinning to prevent a large mass from forming. Will grow in shade but not bloom well.

USES:  Climbing vine in full sun for arbors, fences, walls, screens. Early spring color. Should not be used as a groundcover.

PROBLEMS: All parts of plant are poisonous, but not to the touch. Warn the kids not to fool with the flowers.

NOTES: Is not a jasmine. Native to East Texas, Florida, and Virginia.

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