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Monkey grass, Lilyturf

Liriope muscari  (li-RYE-oh-pee mus-KAH-ree)

Evergreen groundcover      Sun or shade           Height. 9-15 Feet   Spacing 12Feet

 HABIT:  Grasslike clumps that spread by underground stems to form solid mass planting. Has primarily one flush of growth in the spring. Blue flowers on stalks in early summer.

CULTURE:        Easy to grow in well-prepared beds that drain well. Does best in shade or partial shade. Mow or clip down to 3 in late winter just before the new spring growth. Easy to divide and transplant anytime.

USES:              Low border or groundcover. Good for texture change.

PROBLEMS:     Snails and slugs sometimes. Usually not a big problem.

NOTES:            Variegated form exits called Silvery Sunproof.  My favorites are the green forms, Big Blue and Majestic.The giant form, L. gigantea, is also good. Native to China and Japan.


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