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LARKSPUR (Delphinium)         Annual Sun or Part Shade

Consolida ambigua                     Ht. 18-36 Spread 18-24

kon-SO-li-da am-BIG-you-ah        Spacing 12

HABIT:  Pink, salmon, blue, white, rose, or purple blooms in spring or early summer. Lacy foliage and dense vertical flowers. Blooms best in the cooler part of the growing season.

CULTURE:       Upright annual that reseeds easily to return year after year.

USES:                Good annual in perennial beds.

PROBLEMS:     Poisonous.

NOTES:             Seed should be planted in fall for best results but can be planted through February.


Larkspur ready to have seed harvest

Larkspur seed



May 2011

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