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Eriobotrya japonica                                                                          

err-eh-o-BOT-tree-ah jah-PON-ih-kah                                             

Evergreen Sun / Part Shade  

Height 10-15   Spread 10-15  Spacing 8-12 

HABIT:  Large shrub or small tree. Large, leathery, grey-green leaves. Fragrant off-white flowers in fall and edible fruit in the spring. Native to China and Japan.

CULTURE: Any soil with moderate water and fertilizer. Does best in well prepared beds in areas protected from winter winds.

USES:  Screen, specimen or background plant. Lower foliage can be trimmed off to form small ornamental tree.

PROBLEMS: Fireblight (spray with streptomycin in fall when plant is in bloom). Freeze damage in northern part of the state.

NOTES: Many loquats died in the 1983 freeze

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