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TEXAS MOUNTAIN LAUREL                                        

Sophora secundiflora                  (so-FORE-uh se-kune-di-FLOOR-uh)                              

Evergreen         Sun to part shade          Height  20 feet   Spread 10 feet       Spacing 8- 15 feet


HABIT: Slow growing, dense foliage, bushy unless trimmed into tree form. Fragrant, purple, wisteria-like flowers in spring. They actually smell like grape soda.

CULTURE:        Any well-drained soil. Moderate to low water and feeding requirements.

USES:              Specimen ornamental tree or large shrub. Drought-tolerant gardens. Can be grown in containers.

PROBLEMS:     Winter damage in the northern parts of the state.

NOTES:            Great in Central Texas but needs some protection in North Texas. Native to southwestern USA, Texas and Mexico.

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