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Lagerstroemia indica                  (lah-ger-STROH-me-ah IN-dik-kah)         

Deciduous       Sun       Height 25 feet    Spread 15 feet  Spacing 15 - 20 feet

HABIT:  Slow-growing, light smooth bark, small oval leaves, flowers all summer (red, purple, pink, white). Fall color is red on all except white-flowering varieties (yellow).

CULTURE:        Very easy to grow in any soil. Add rock phosphate to regular program to help flower production. Do not trim back in winter - it does not increase flower production, besides, the seed pods are decorative and finches like them.

USES:              Ornamental tree, summer color, fall color, beautiful bare branches in winter.

PROBLEMS:     Aphids, mildew, suckers at the ground.

NOTES:            ‘Glendora White’ is one of my favorites. There are many great choices including ‘Dynamite’, ‘Royal Velvet and “Natchez’ with the beautiful exfoliating bark. Native to China.

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