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Migratory Birds


Migratory birds laying over in north Texas

Thousands and thousands of migrating birds are being seen all over north Texas. Air pressure and winds combine for unusually good conditions this year. Some will stay in this area all until fall; some are resting up before continuing to fly north. Migrating birds, many of which nest in this area, include Barn Swallows, Painted Buntings, Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, Magnolia Warblers, even colorful Baltimore Orioles.

About 520 of the 650 bird species that nest in the United States, migrate south for the winter, then migrate back here about now, according to Owen Yost, Landscape Architect for Dentonís Wild Bird Center. He points out that weíre fortunate to be along the Central Flyway Ė a major migration route.

Some birds, like Dark-eyed Juncos and Cedar Waxwings that were here all winter, are migrating farther north. The longer days for hunting seeds and insects are the attraction. However, Yost points out that all migration is completely governed by seasonal winds, sun angles and the position of the stars. Abundant food is the result of these things as it has been for many generations; itís not the cause of migration.

   Nancy Collins &  Owen Yost

 Dentonís Wild Bird Center


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