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Mutt Identification Contest

Hannah 60 lbs - age 6                                 Tater 4 lbs - age 2 months
See slide show of
Hannah                               See slide show of Tater

After losing our Tully, Judy and I couldn’t resist adopting a puppy from the SPCA in Dallas. Tater is the new guy and he is a piece of work!   Logan, my daughter, started the SPCA Adopt a Pet report on the radio and on the website over a decade ago.

Not too long ago a company came out with a testing kit that would give you the genetics of your mutt.  Well, not only are we curious about Tater but also our other mutt, Hannah.

BioPet's DNA Breed Identification test is used to identify the multiple breeds in your mixed breed dogs. It uses a simple and painless cheek swab, then the analysts at BioPet Vet Lab can compare your dog’s DNA with 63 of the most common breeds found in mixed breed dogs. The DNA test identifies the genetics of your pet, plus you will receive an Ancestry Analysis Certificate, and a Breed Behavior and Health and Personality Summary about the different breeds found. The process takes as little as two weeks.
                          Hannah getting DNA swab.

And we have a
contest related to Tater and Hannah. The contest is to guess the mix of breeds in our two mutts.  The closest guess wins a landscape or farm consultation with Tropical John and the Dirt Doctor.

1.   Please put your name, address and phone number in the email.

2.   Email your guess to
info@dirtdoctor.com  put Mutt Contest in the subject  line.

3.   In the email submission, please specify the guess of breeds for each mutt Hannah & Tater.  

4.   Email entries only.  In the case of a tie, the earlier submission will be the winner.

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Naturally yours,

Howard Garrett

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