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OAK, DURAND Bigaloe Oak

Quercus sinuata var. sinuata                  (KWER-kus sin-you-AH-tah)

Deciduous        Sun                  Height 60 feet    Spread 40 feet              Spacing 20 - 50 feet


HABIT:  Upright, open branching, dense, rounded top, smallish leaves with rounded lobes. Handsome tree. Reddish fall color.

CULTURE:        Easy in any well-drained soil. Drought tolerant and doesn’t mind rocky soil.

USES:              Shade tree.

PROBLEMS:     Few if any. Not easily available in the nursery trade at this time.

NOTES:            Bigalow oak (Quercus sinuata var. breviloba) is a small-growing close kin. Bigalow is native to the North Texas area, Durand is native from Waco to Central Texas but the 75 feet national champion is in the Trinity National Wildlife Refuge near Houston.


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