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Oak Leaf Holly

Ilex hybrida “conaf” oak leaf



Hardy Range : 6 – 9B

Mature Height: 18’

Mature Spread: 8'

Growth Rate: 8 years to maturity

Form:  Upright and pyramidal

Evergreen: red berries in winter ,emerald green foliage, unique oak-shaped leaf

Soil: clay, sand, loam; acidic; well-drained

Partial sun to full sun

Oak Leaf is the most widely used selection from the Red Holly Series.  Developed by Mitch Magee’s Evergreen Nursery in Poplarville, Mississippi. New Growth emerges as a reddish purple. 

Vertical growth habit:  during the early stages of development (6-8' height).  Oak leaf is more columnar then pyramidal.

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