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For week two of the ORGANIC NEWSLETTER I thought it would be good to highlight one of the terrific new features in the organic forums on the website.

Sam Crow, who is Birdzilla the bird moderator, got a fancy new camera and has volunteered to post interesting shots of birds for the guests and  Ground Crew members each week. The first two entries are just terrific. Iím sure Sam would like others to submit photos also.   Enjoy these and all the great information available to you in the forums.

Naturally yours,

Howard Garrett
The Dirt Doctor

Great Egrets nest in colonies, often mixed with other egret and heron species. These Great Egrets were photographed in High Island, Texas. The rookery is located in one of the Houston Audubon Society sanctuaries, a wonderful place to photograph nesting egrets and spoonbills.

Note the flesh around the eyes which turns green during the breeding season. Long plumes (aigrettes) are also present during courting and nesting.

Read more about Great Egrets on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology web site.


Green Jays are very family oriented. Family groups often consist of a breeding pair, plus the current year's nestlings supported by one-year-old, non-breeding jays from the previous year's brood. The one-year-olds defend the family's territory, but leave the family flock soon after the current year's young leave the nest.

Read more about Green Jays on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology web site

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