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Pampas Grass



Cortaderia selloana                                                                 

core-ta-DER-ee-ah seel-oh-AN-ah                                                   

Perennial Sun
Ht. 8 Spread 8
Spacing 8-10

HABIT:  Fountain like grass clump with long, slender, sharp-edged blades of foliage. White flower plumes in late summer last quite long into the winter. Foliage turns brown in harsh winter and should be cut back.

CULTURE: Easy in any soil. Low water and food requirements. Needs good drainage like most plants.

USES: Accent plant, border for roads, drives, or parks. Good for distant viewing.

PROBLEMS: Few if any.

NOTES: White plumes are good for interior arrangements. Female plants have the showiest plumes. Native to South America. Muhlygrass Muhlenbergia lindheimeri is similar but more natural looking and native to Texas.

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