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Plant of the Month Canby Oak
Canby Oak Semi-evergreen - Sun
Quercus canbyi Ht.: 50’ Spread: 30-40’
KWER-kus Spacing: 20-30’

Upright red oak-like tree with a very neat appearance. It is mostly evergreen in the San Antonio Botanic Gardens. Some trees have small 3” long leaves, others have much longer 6 – 8” leaves that are similar to southern red oak. Some of the leaves have red fall color that last well into the winter.

CULTURE: Easy to grow in most any soil. Should be used much more in Texas. Hardy to zone 7 at least.

USES: Shade tree.

PROBLEMS: None serious. Beautiful tree that should be used much more.

NOTES: Chicos oak is a similar tree. Simpson’s A Field Guide to Texas Trees explains the differences among them best by saying that the Chisos oak grows primarily west of the Pecos, the shumard red oak grows west and north of the Balcones escarpment and the White Rock escarpment just west of Dallas and the canby oak grows east of that line.


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