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Rugs Oaxaca Trip

Oaxaca, Mexico  2007

at his loom

Benito Hernandez at his loom.

Benito Hernandez showing drawing for rug design

Cochineal female in hand.

Cochineal female smashed

Cochineal growing on cactus pads.

Cochneal growing operation

Cochineal is made into lighter red and shades of orange with lemon juice.

Cochineal larva

Cochineal male

Cochineal on planted cactus plants.

Cochineal females.

Dried Cochineal being crushed into powder

Dried Cochineal powder.

Fermenting mesquite beans for brown dye.

Indigo being harvested.

Indigo soaking in water.

Wool yarn died with indigo.

Natural dyes of rug maker

Tumeric the yellow dye

 Zapotec nest holding fertilized female cochineal.

Rugs as works of art.

Hernandez rug.

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