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SALVIA, GREGG  Autumn Sage

Salvia greggii                 (SAL-vee-uh GREG-ee-eye)

Perennial     Sun            Height  2 -3 feet           Spread 3 - 4 feet                       Spacing 2 feet


HABIT:  Shrubby perennial with red, pink, salmon, or white blooms all summer long.

CULTURE:        Any well-drained soil, extremely drought tolerant.

USES:              Spring, summer, and fall color, perennial gardens.

PROBLEMS:     None.

NOTES:            Native to Texas. Annual salvia likes plenty of water and fertilizer. Scarlet sage (S. coccinea) is a native perennial 1 -2 feet high and looks like the annual salvia. S. regla blooms in the fall; S. guaranitica has intense blue flowers, 3 -4 feet high, but is not quite as winter hardy as S. greggii. S. leucantha is a large-growing perennial with beautiful foliage and purple flowers in late summer. The flowers are edible if you are using an organic program. Salvia divinorum is the dangerous hallucinogenic drug that should be avoided.

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