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common names: Laurel Bug, Scarlet Laurel Bug

scientific name: Order Hemiptera, family Miridae, Lopidea spp.

size: Adult--3/8"

identification: Scarlet red with a central black wing area.

biology and life cycle: Incomplete metamorphosis. Females insert eggs into plant tissue using a bladelike ovipositor.

habitat: Overwatered flower beds and lawns. Stressed Texas mountain laurels in nurseries.

feeding habits: Feeds on young growth, blooms, and seed pods.

economic importance: Indicates that laurels are stressed--due to overwatering, poor drainage, compacted soil, and other problems.

natural control: Biodiversity.

organic control: Usually does not cause enough damage to worry about. Spray plant oil products for heavy infestations.

insight: Seem to be very serious some years but normally not.

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