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Phlox subulata                                                                                   
FLOCKS sub-you-LAY-tah                                                               

Perennial – Sun
Ht. 6”-8” Spread 10”-12”
Spacing 10”-12”

HABIT: Low growing and spreading perennial that acts like an evergreen in mild winters. Blooms in spring in pink, blue, or white. Hot pink is the most common color.

CULTURE: Easy, any well drained soil, moderate water and fertilizer needs.

USES:  Dwarf border, spring color, stone walls.

PROBLEMS: Pretty much carefree.

NOTES:     Reliable to bloom year after year. Plant in fall or spring. Native to North America. Also called moss phlox. ‘Blue Emerald’ is the best; its foliage is lush and dark green all summer.

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