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Virginia Creeper


Parthenocissus quinquefolia  
(par-thuh-no-SIS-us kwin-kuh-FOLE-ee-uh)  

Deciduous Sun/Shade                       
Spacing 3-8'

HABIT:            Vigorous climbing vine. Looser growth and larger leaves than Boston ivy. Red foliage in fall. Climbs to great heights.

CULTURE:      Needs pruning to keep under control. Any soil in sun or shade. Responds well to well-prepared beds and moderate water and fertilizer.

USES:              Interesting texture and good fall color. Good for arbor, fence, or large building. Makes an effective natural-looking groundcover.

PROBLEMS:   None serious.

NOTES:           Often confused with poison ivy. This plant has five leaflets instead of poison ivy's three.   Native to Texas and eastern USA. Good for fall color




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