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Weekly Radio Broadcast - April 20, 2008


 April 20, 2008  



In Howard’s Garden 
Living Green Expo, Books: Plants for Houston and the new Organic Manual,
Mosquitoes, Misting Systems, Toxic Pyrethrum (PBO), SPCA; Blueberries, Rose Cuttings; Peaches Falling; Caladiums; Lifespan of Beneficial Nematodes, Trichogramma Wasp; Blueberries, Thornless Blackberries "


; Peony, Crepe Myrtle Cutting for Propagation; Tree Issues, Rabbit Scram; Spider Lilies; Poison Ivy, Goats; Squash & Cucumber Leaves Yellowing; Tree Roots; Grass, Grub Worms, Weeds, Molasses; Gardenias, Bed Prep; Growing Blueberries; Green Worms Defoliating Trees.

Organics in the News
Trees in Stress, Drought; Trimming Live Oaks, Persian Ivy; Muenster’s Dog Food; Hail Damaged Plants, Hydrogen Peroxide; Grafting, Mesquite Trees, Fig; Flea Control on Acreage, Tapeworms, DE; Lawn Care, Drainage; Dallas Zoo Event; Clover, Nitrogen, Horses.


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