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Weekly Radio Broadcast - April 3, 2011


 April 03, 2011  


  1st Hour (SPCA) 'Pet-of-the-Week: tests results for Carmen are in. Whole lot of trees in bloom. Cankerworm problems. Trichogramma Wasps. Replacing Bermuda grass. Lava rocks. Microbials. Harvesting herbs. Dogwood tree has strange white substance on it. Mycorrhizae.             
  2nd Hour Guest: Kathy LaForce, Director of Education for Essential Formulas. Honey, bees & Propolis. Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics. Will Oak leaves poison the compost pile? Trichoderma fungus. Corn meal. Keeping dogs out of the garden beds (Dog scram). Oak tree with black sap. Controlling carpenter ants. Fennel.                  
 3rd Hour Planting fruit trees. Mulching oak leaves. Yaupon holly dropping berries. Wood ashes. A correct answer in the 'breed test' contest: Carmen is a black lab (50%) & German shepherd (50%) mix. Urea & fertilizer. Knockout roses.                  

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