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Weekly Radio Broadcast - August 17, 2008


 August 17, 2008  



In Howard’s Garden 

Organic Approach, Planting Trees, Cody Carter, Wrapping Tree Trunks, Whitewashing, Muenster Milling, Natural Dog Food and Cat Food, SPCA, Arthritis, Fall Planting, Amanda Love’s Iced Tea, Orange Juice; Neem; Grapevines, Wasp; Tree Growing Crooked.


Dr. Allen Sprinkle, Contorted Filbert; Moving a Ginkgo; Pine Tree Problems, Artificial Fertilizer; Proper Tree Planting Method; Stink Bugs, Tomato Plant; Ants, Pruning a Globe Willow; Repelling Flies with Convex Mirrors; Weed Block Fabric; Holes in Basil Leaves; Eradicating Tree of Heaven.


Organics in the News

 Structure for Grapevines to Climb; Repelling Rats in Attic, Trumpet Vine; Bed Prep; Perennials not Blooming, Tomatoes in Pots; Pine Needle Mulch; Eliminating Lotus; Red Oak Losing Leaves, Dirt Daubers, Black Widow Spiders; Cattle Ear Tags; Red Harvester Ants, Crazy Ants.


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