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Weekly Radio Broadcast - August 3, 2008


 August 3, 2008  



In Howard’s Garden 
Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Japanese Green Tea, Twig Tea, Amanda Love’s Soothin' Infusion Organic Herbal Tea, SPCA, Creature Feature, Armadillos, Raccoon, Possums, Live Traps, Benefits of Consuming Natural DE, Feeding Horses Natural DE, Acres USA, , Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Soil Mender DE; Fleas, Beneficial Nematodes; Sporiclean; Tomatoes, Fungal Disease, Viral Disease, Hydrogen Peroxide; Begonia Problems, Marigolds.


Ants in House, Abamectin; Natural Head Lice Remedy, Tea Tree Oil, Vinegar; Bagworms, Ants; Abamectin, Mulching with Kitty Litter; Weed Prevention; Sporiclean Kudos; Companion Plants, Fruit Trees; Tree Problems; Deterring Chipmunks; Japanese Beetle.


Organics in the News
DE, Garrett Juice Plus, Plant Wash, Milky Spore; Paw Paw Fruit, Earthworms, Molasses, Alfalfa Meal; Chipmunks, Aloe for Arthritis, Book: “Arthritis-- Childer's Diet That Stops it”; Dallisgrass, Growth Habit; Fungus on Roses; Carpenter Ants in Bathroom, DE, Healthy Diet, Healthy Fats, Fish Oil, Marine Oil; Amanda Love, TOFGA; Eradicating Bermuda Grass, Improving Soil; N-P-K.


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