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Weekly Radio Broadcast - December 26, 2010


December 26, 2010  


  1st Hour A Special Guest: Catching up with Logan Garrett (She talks about her experiences in South & Central America: Teaching English to adults, Whelping pups, volcano boarding and turtles).  Creature Feature (SPCA) - pit bull named Magnum.  Japanese Black Pine tree.  Rust on Knockout Roses. Potted interior plant (Ficus) has black spot on leaves.  Where to get bare rooted trees.             
  2nd Hour On watering, & sprinkler systems causing problems.  Maple trees.  Organic pest control: Diatomaceous earth isn't dangerous to reptiles.  How to attract Lightning bugs and other beneficials.  Lantana tree, the Trident tree, and tree cutting.  Bee venom therapy.                   
 3rd Hour Logan Garrett returns to discuss her time working for Rainforest Radio.  American Apitherapy Society (apitherapy.org) - More about Bees and the medical advantages of bee stings.  When to prune fruit trees.  Darryl the Snake expert talking about new snake forum on Dirt Doctor website.  Buying seeds.  Freeze Damage. Bio charge.  Native plants (Desert Willow and Fruit trees) should not be planted too deeply. Bare rooting plants. Hydrogen peroxide.                   

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