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Weekly Radio Broadcast - December 7, 2008


 December 7, 2008  



In Howard’s Garden 

Happy Birthday Logan, DE, SPCA, Fall Color, Ginkgo, Japanese Maples, Cover Bare Soil, How to Plant Trees; Christmas Cactus; Lasagna Gardening, Bed Prep, Mulching, Mycorrhizal Fungi; Possible Scale on Red Oak, Shantung Maple, Dr. Carl Whitcomb.


Perfect Garden Tool System; Transplanting Azaleas, 20 – 30 Foot Tree Recommendation; Apartment Sprayed for Roaches; Planting Seed From Store-Bought Produce; Lasagna Gardening Methods; Foliar Feeding Orange Trees; Transplanting Pomegranate; Trimming Sage; Mixing Orange Oil for Use Indoors vs. Outside; Gophers; Transplanting Wild Persimmon.


Organics in the News

Propagating Black Walnut; Crispy Nut Recipe; Indoor Pest Control, DE, Bay Leaves, Cedar; Transplanting Pecan, Adding Compost to Existing Beds; Plumeria; Critters Chewing Bark Off Trees, Repelling Fleas; White Rose: Ducher, Shade Tree, Nut Recipe; Great Products Available on DirtDoctor.com.


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