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Weekly Radio Broadcast - January 2, 2011


January 2, 2011  


  1st Hour IPHONE glitch (alarm never goes off). 'Pet-of-the-Week' (SPCA) - TWIX. Fig tree produces figs that didn't mature. The Natural Organic Warehouse (Where to shop when going organic). Blueberry grower Lance Chastain involved with The Natural Organic Warehouse.  Corn gluten meal. Steamed juicing.              
  2nd Hour Planting things early (like potatoes & asparagus). Tropical John says Happy New Year. Howard apologizes for "dead air" during Saturday's Green Living broadcast. Woodpeckers damage tree or are they there because tree is damaged? Tomatoes. 'Poison-of-the-Week' - Preservatives (BHA, BHT & Ethoxyquin). House plants. Beds. Mild winter in DFW. Garlic.                  
 3rd Hour Bare rooting. Germination station. Shredded tree trimmings versus Hay (mulching). Pecans. Freeze. Natural diatomaceous Earth in horse feed.                   

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