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Weekly Radio Broadcast - January 9, 2011


January 9, 2011  


  1st Hour 'Creature Feature' (SPCA) dog is Harmony, and Harris Hawk.  Upcoming events (Texas Plant & Soil Lab seminar Feb. 02-03, and a healthy cooking and growing seminar Feb. 19th). Keeping plants warm. Tackling Grackle problem.  Why birds on the wires don't get electrocuted. Shift in Earth's magnetic north pole shuts down runway at Tampa International Airport. Swiss chard seed.             
  2nd Hour Upcoming events: TP&SL seminar, 2/02-03, in Casa de Palmas Hotel, McAllen, Texas; Amanda Love & Howard Garrett seminar/lunch on healthy cooking and growing, 2/19, at the Dallas Farmer's market, Dallas, Texas; & (SAES) Sustainable Agronomic Education Association conference, 2/4-5, also at the Casa de Palmas Hotel, McAllen, Texas. Corn gluten meal (pros & cons).  Weather modification, Isostasy & other possibilities (Birds falling from skies all over world). Japanese maple tree versus a pomegranate. Growing in the shade. Microwaves are not good.                    
 3rd Hour 'Poison of the Week' - Microwave ovens. Yucca. More bird talk. Organic seeds. India Hawthorn.                  

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