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Weekly Radio Broadcast - July 6, 2008


 July 6, 2008  



In Howard’s Garden
Tomato Leaves Curling; Cannas; Charcoal Ashes; Fig Trigs; Watermelon Leaves; DE Application; Vegetables; Garlic.


Red Maple; Cicada Killers; Red Maple Tree; Keep Cats out of Flower Garden;  Garrett Juice;  Maple Tree Not Blooming; Rose Clippings for Cats;  Garrett Juice Plus; DE Effective with Water; Austrian Pine. 


Organics in the News
Tomato Questions; Bugs eating Zucchini;   Vinery Plant; Switch Grass; Buttercup Squash; Elephant Ears; Squash With White Leaves; TX Sage Bush Dying; Organic Yard Sprayed by Accident With Chemicals; Tomato Problems Early Blight; Tomatoes; Vegetables and Plant Wash.


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