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Weekly Radio Broadcast June 22, 2008


 June 22, 2008  



In Howard’s Garden
Logan’s Graduation, Patricia Bragg: Bragg’s Natural Apple Cider Vinegar and 100 Acre Organic Research & Demo Farm, SPCA, Joe Bradford USDA Organic Research Pecan Operation.


Amanda Love’s Tea; Pruning Shrubs; Wind Damaged Trees; Southern Blight; Triple Super Phosphate; Sporiclean; Powdery Mildew, Plant Wash.


Organics in the News
Perfect Garden Tool System, Second Major Fertilization, Organic Fertilizers Only!, Feed the Soil and the Foliage, Microbes are on Leaves, Stems; Blackberry Not Setting Fruit; Holes Bored in Garlic Bulbs; Mugho Pines Dying; Bartram’s Gardens, Mycorrhizal Fungus Exhibit; Repelling Cats, Concentrated Compost Tea.


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