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Weekly Radio Broadcast - June 28, 2009


  June 28, 2009  



In Howard's Garden
Starting the organic program, Tomatos,
Lettuce Hydrilla, White powdery Mildew on Strawberries, Using Peroxide on String Algae,
Tomato fruit worms, Chlorine tablet replacement.


Rain water harvesting, Santa Rosa Plum tree,
Diatomaceous Earth for Cats, 5787 Clean water restoration act, Trimming branches on a sweet gum tree, Button bush recommended for reducing moisture in soil.


Organics In The News
Green Mold on tree trunk, Compost,
Morning Glories, Disinfecting a barn with Pnemonia, Blackberries not doing well,
Apple Cider Vinegar, Passion Vine not blooming,
Bald cypress has twig blight, Getting rid of scrub oak, Using dry humate.


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