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Weekly Radio Broadcast - May 23, 2010


 May 23,  2010  


  1st Hour

Howard's trip to Boston. An Alternative to Deet. Woodpecker making holes in tree.  Fertilizing a Lemon Tree. Golden Horn tree.  Baby Lima Beans not growing.

  2nd Hour

Digging up Garlic.  Infestations of a worm.  Neem oil. Shade drowning out Bermuda grass.  Suggestions for greens to grow during Summer. Squash growing well. Onions . Radish. Report from the Tomato lady Jeanette Crumpler.

 3rd Hour

Palm trees coming back after the freeze. Leeks. Sugar snap peas with white spots. Inch worm infestation. Flea control. Cactus Juice. Snakes. Caterpillars. Corn test.


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